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Welcome to PISA 2016! ASIP is proud to host this interactive, abstract-driven, focused scientific conference entitled Breakthroughs in Biology: From Underlying Pathogenesis to Translational Medicine at the Houston Methodist Research Institute and the Houston Marriott Medical Center in Houston, October 20-22, 2016. Timely and innovative technologies have vastly impacted our understanding of disease pathogenesis in the last decade. This has come from our improved understanding of the fundamental principles of pathology at cellular and molecular levels. Indeed the fields of immunity/inflammation, vascular and mucosal pathobiology, cell-cell communications, and microbiome/infectious diseases have undergone an unprecedented growth as we reinforce and challenge existing paradigms and discover new ones.

PISA is aimed at delivering attendees the most exciting and up-to-date concepts in pathogenesis and translational medicine. World acclaimed scientists in these areas will deliver lectures, while experienced members of the program committee will moderate discussion during these sessions to generate a cordial, collegial and contemporary environment for learning and networking. The major lectures will be interspersed with abstract-driven talks. Additionally, poster discussion sessions held in proximity to the major talks will build an intimate setting for intellectual exchange and constructive criticism, especially for trainees and junior faculty.

Attendees of the 2015 PISA meeting overwhelmingly reported that this event exceeded their educational objectives and that this one of a kind format is a valuable addition to the calendar of every researcher interested in the pathogenesis of disease! We welcome you to attend and present your research at PISA in Houston in 2016!